Replacement Remotes

Replacement Remote Controls?

Do you need a original OEM replacement remote control? Do you need to have your current remote control device repaired? Look no further, we are your ultimate source for replacing and repairing original remote controls! We can replace exact remotes for your TV, Television, Satellite, VCR, VHS, UHF, Video, Laser Disc, Compact Disc, Camcorder, Camera, CD, LD, CDV, IR, RF, Tape, Phono, DVD Player, Audio Tuner, AV System, Infrared, Radio Frequency, Home Stereo Receiver, Home Theater System and more! Original remotes are designed to operate all functions including the Menu Options, Learn or Learning Function, PIP, VCR Programming, etc. without having to do any kind of programming like you have to with universal remotes. In addition to replacing exact original remote controls, we can repair any kind of remote device! We can repair your remotes for car alarms, phones, garage doors, air conditioners, video games, ceiling fans, lights and so much more, your best place to buy replacement remote controls!