Remote Repair – Old Content

In addition to providing replacement remote controls, Remote Controls Incorporated can repair your remote controls! Are the keys on your remote control sticking, working only some of the time, or not at all? Are you not sure what is wrong with your remote control? We can repair remote controls for all types of devices– our qualified technicians will repair your remote for a flat fee of only $24.95! That’s right–our professionals can repair your remote for a low fixed fee of only $24.95!

We take customer service very seriously here at Remote Controls Incorporated? What does that mean when it comes to our excellent repair service? We specialize in fast service, where remotes are repaired and shipped back within 48 hours of being repaired, we guarantee our repaired remotes for 3 months of service, and we do it all for the low cost of $24.95! In addition to all this, our service technicians will let you know if your remote cannot be repaired–and will notify you and send your remote control back to you. If your remote control cannot be repaired, we will not charge you! Keep in mind that repair remotes with functional problems; we do not fix cosmetic problems of remotes. If your remote is functional but unsightly, consider purchasing a replacement remote. We offer original replacements, refurbished replacements, and 3rd party remotes and absolutely guarantee that you will play the lowest cost possible.

If you would like to have our qualified professionals repair your malfunctioning remote control, simply send the remote control device to us, along with a description of what is wrong with your remote to:
3608 S. Wilmington St.
Raleigh, NC 27603
(336) 767-1300

Please allow 7-10 days for your remote to arrive and be repaired by our professional service department. After repair, your remote will be mailed back to you within 48 hours. We have three payment options for our trusted and guaranteed repair service: you can pay by credit card online immediately, pay by credit card over the phone once we have received and repaired your remote control, or by a check included with your remote control. To pay online, simply indicate how many remote controls need repairing in the box below, check out, print your receipt and include that receipt when you ship your phone. If you do not send a check or receipt, we will call you for credit card information, after determining if your remote can be repaired.

You may also purchase our remote repair service online here.

You may also want to consider our remote keypad repair kit. If you’ve got malfunctioning buttons on your remote, you may not need a full repair. It may just be the keypad that is causing the problem. can provide you with a keypad repair kit that you can use at home to get your remote control working again. Simply open your remote up and apply the fixes included in the kit, put the remote back together and you’ll be up and running. Our repair kit costs only $12.95 and saves you the time of waiting for your remote to be repaired.

Order our remote repair kit from here.